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If you want to have your own business or to make your investment portfolio grow, a franchise is an excellent alternative to do so. By being part of a successful business model that is tangible and carries along with it its know-how, the experience of its brand, and the support of its networks, buying a franchise is one of the safest ways to grow.

What is a Franchise?

The standardization of a business that has proven to be successful through time, that is commercially attractive, and that brings an income both to the person that buys it and to the person that sells it. Franchises are effective because they are business models where investors gain while making low risk investments and where the businesses that sell their franchises grow while receiving an income.


Being a Franchise

If you have a unique business that is successful and you feel it is the time to grow, developing a franchise system is the way to do so. Without having to risk or invest, when you sell a franchise of your business, both your brand and your capital grow. The following are the steps we take to transform your brand into a franchise system:

  • We Meet

  • Business Strategy Proposal

  • Crafting of Franchise Manuals

  • Creation of Contracts and Documents

  • Network Expansion Plan

  • Network Launch Plan

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More than 15 years ago we began working to help creatives and visionaries execute their ideas. After developing more than 180 projects in 3 continents, we feel proud to have contributed to the growth of each one of them and we are excited to know that this is just the beginning.

In 2014 the Colombian Government, through its Innovation, Knowledge, and Technology Bureau (Colciencias), invited more than 2,500 leading companies around the country in order to select and fund the top 104 of them with the highest standards of excellence and innovation. We are proud to have been chosen as one of them and to have received funding to develop our online investment platform, Franquicias LATAM.

These are a few of the many successful companies that have trusted us. We feel proud of having contributed our part to the magic of their stories.


Our mission is to contribute to the growth of creative investors and entrepreneurs who have the potential to disrupt and improve our lives, our region, and our world through the power of their innovative ideas.


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